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Window Cleaning Services in Luton, Dunstable and Beds, Bucks and Herts.

Window Cleaning Services

We also provide gutter cleaning services, one off services and builders cleans.

We provide ad-hoc and specialist tailored cleaning services.

About Us

Roy’s Window and Gutter Cleaning was created to offer window cleaning in Luton, Dunstable and Beds, Bucks and Herts which has grow into other services over the years to offer a full packaged service within the external cleaning sector including gutter cleaning, fasica cleaning, deep cleans.


Window Cleaning

Having clean windows allows you the complete feel that your home is clean and tidy and its nice to be able to see out of the windows when the sun shines as well. We offer a schedule to keep your windows clean and house looking bright and tidy whilst at an affordable price, we even send you a text message or give you a quick call the day before so you when we are going to be turning up. We also offer a one off service for window cleaning for customers which do not want a monthly or six weekly regular service.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories are normally built on the back of alot of houses these days. Most are built without thinking about cleaning them later on in the conservatories life. After time, the conservatory can start to build up with all types of dirt around the sills, PVC and frames, around the gutters, and especially on the roof – with all kinds of dirt, mold, moss to name a few. We offer a range of services to valet your conservatory and bring it back to life..

Gutter Clearing

Clearing gutters is a essential part of maintaining any type of property. Any type of property weather is be a house or bungalow all have gutters – an when full they overflow into the building or down the side of the building. This causes damage to the building often resulting in mold. We provide a gutter clearing service allowing the gutters to work the way they should, don't wait until its too late..

Gutter, Fascias and Cladding Cleaning

Cleaning gutters on the outside is another maintenance job to make the property look nice, as over time gutters, fascias, soffits and cladding all start to look dirty, green and ugly. We provide a service to clean all the PVC including the gutters, making them look new again. Alot of properties allow these to look dull, allow us to come and make them bright again..

One Off Window Cleaning

Sometimes we all need a spring clean and getting the windows clean that have not been cleaned for years is only going to bring value back to your home and also make it nice to see out of the windows again. Or maybe you are leaving your home or moving in and you need a deep clean of the windows? Or maybe you had builders doing work and now you just need the windows cleaned up again..

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